We offer montage

There may be price inaccuracies due to the volatile market - exact price after a call with a consultant on 0877753538


This question is a joy for our eyes :)

Here you go, call 0877753538. Cal bravely, we are here for you and will cooperate with pleasure :)

Our showroom is in Sofia, Krasna Polyana district, 1 Vazkresenie blvd. Right next to Shel gas station and NAP - Krasna Polyana on the other side.

We work every day and we will come to you with pleasure if you need a competent advice for your bathroom.

It will be pleasure for us if you invite us to give you a free advice, absolutely compliant to your budget ;)

Oh yes, of course! We are a sister company of "BGHandyMan" and the installation isn't a problem for us. Moreover, if you call, we'll suggest you products with included installation ;)

If you order a product, want an istallation and you are in Sofia - it will be delivered up to 24 hours by a water supply specialist, who will install it immediately.

You can't find that elsewhere ;)

If we have your product in stock, we send it right away and you'll have it up to 48 hours if you are outside of Sofia and up to 24 hours if you are in Sofia.

If it's out of stock, we'll call you and suggest you a delivery date :)

We offer bathroom furniture. There isn't something that others have and we don't - it can only be the opposite :)

Everything for the bathroom, whatever comes up to your mind, we have it. We can repair your bathroom with the help of our big sister "BGHandyMan".

No, it is not paid! We are here for you anytime to help and be useful. This is our mission - take advantage of it bravely!!! ;)

Oh yes, of course. Otherwise, you can't see your creation :) This is an ideal way for experimentation. We remove - we place products with different design, price etc. until you are absolutely sure that this is your bathroom! :)